Tuesday, 6/23/2020

☑️3 sets:
:20 tucked wall facing hs hold
10 quadruped scap push up w band
10 elevated cat stretch pulses
☑️Pike push up w/ feet on ground; acc 45
These felt okay but not great. Trouble keeping that right shoulderblade engaged down
Safety bar squat; 3-4 -115
Supine grip strict pull up; comfortable set-
4-4-4-3-4- I was anxious about these since I still have a lot of bicep tightness but they felt pretty smooth

☑️Clean grip deadlift; 5×5
120 (55)x2- 128 (58)- 132 (60)x2

☑️10 minute amrap:
12 med ball squat cleans – definitely got tough
10 cal AB
8 box jump 20in – step down
5 + 4 cleans

☑️3 sets:
5 half kneeling high to low banded woodchop
10 low band side bends/side

Monday, 6/22/2020

☑️3 minute jog w/ cadence @ 170 bpm
1 minute walk

☑️2x through
Came to track, a little hot still but figured since this wasn’t too long I could use it to adapt
800m run @ 10k effort –10:30-11:00
400m active recovery jog
800m run @ 10k
       rest 2:00
400m run @ 5k effort 900-9:30
400m active recovery jog
400m run @ 5k effort
      rest 2:00
200m run @ 2 mile 8
400m active recovery
200m run @ 1 mile 7:30
       rest 4:00

☑️3 sets of 10 banded toe flexions
Still having upload issues but having my phone checked this week

Friday, 6/19/2020

☑️3 sets:
5 locked lumbar thoracic rotations
10 bench t-spine mobilizations
5 seated DB thoracic mobilizations
☑️SA DB arnold press; 10-12/arm x 3-15

☑️Bent over SA DB elbowing row;12-15×3-25

☑️Prone single arm DB row + external shoulder rotation; 15-20/arm x 2-3
This movement I think is going to be really important for continued rehab– felt tough and I thought my issue was mobility in this range but it might be more stability

Side lying hip abduction; 15/leg
Side lying hip adduction; 15/leg
Band resisted wall glute iso march; 4-6/leg



3 min easy run @ 165 bpm
1 minute walk

2 mile run @ 11:15-20
Was a little faster here but felt good. Pretty cool to just crank out 10 miles after work
.25 mile walk

☑️3 sets:
15-20 seated bnaded anterior tib raise
12-15 calf raise w/ lax ball b/w heels + 2s eccentric

1x through great toe pails/rails ☑️


☑️3 sets:
5 elevated cat thoracic rotations
10 KB thoracic extensions over foam roller
10 scap push up from elbow plank
☑️Wall climb into :10 tucked wall facing hs hold; 6-10 sets; rest as needed
Rotating DB bench press; 8-10 – 20
Bulgarian ring row; 10-12
☑️Kickstand two DB RDL; 8-10/leg x 3- 20

☑️20 minute amrap @ 85%  – 4+ 16 step ups
20 single DB box step up (20lb to 20in)
20 abmat sit ups
2 min elliptical
20 single DB hang clean (10/arm)
Fun little piece. Didn’t get going too fast bc of wanting to get movements right

☑️3 sets:
5 dynamic banded pallof press w/ 3s hold on each rep – 2.5
5 bird-dog drag throughs/side