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Team- reflections for a season.

Rather than posting my whole journal entry here, I just want to put up a few reminders and thoughts to hold onto in the coming months. I know girls have too many feelings. But you’re the one sitting here wasting time reading it.  So shut your pie hole.  Buddy.

(Because apparently I average 10 visitors per day??  WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??)

…I was really not looking forward to today.  This perception might be skewed by my lens of negative expectation.

… we need to have the first conversation about being teammates, and not a collection of talent.  See “the story of every dream team ever.” Dream teams don’t work- even taken in the context of a less team oriented sport the psychological environment and investment in the team make HUGE differences in performance.

…The fact that we are a currently a collection of individuals….was as apparent as when you watch little kids soccer-it’s a group of 14 kids kicking the ball and each other in a 5 foot circle while the goalies pick daisies. No one is scoring but everyone wants the ball. I want to be the teammate you can pass to.  The teammate who will redo the workout 30 minutes before it is due on Monday for a 1 extra rep.  The teammate who nails a tough movement when it counts but also helps someone else nail it. What can I do to create that environment and not dwell on what I feel is currently a pretty negative one?

…I’m going to connect with people that make me feel positive and let go of all the shit that’s not the reps on the bar (or giggles and hair bows and neon and booty dancing and Beyonce and PRs).  I will not give other people’s negativity any power over my own attitude and performance.  I will immediately remove myself from any kind of negative training environment I encounter. I will be GREAT teammate to every single member of MY gym.












BRB Need to watch Rocky, Miracle, Gridiron Gang, the Mighty Ducks, Cool Runnings, Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, A League of their Own, Rudy, The Karate Kid, Million Dollar Baby, Dodgeball, Cinderella Man… (did I miss any?)

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